Our Keyboard vitality

Hi, we are MISTEL, a design driven, innovative, professional keyboard R & D team. “Each keyboard that is printed with a MISTEL logo must have its distinctive uniqueness”is our core philosophy for product development. We believe that the keyboard is not just an instrument, but a partner which each user uses to build their dreams. Through yourhands and the keyboard, you can make possible a lot of impossibles. Each keyboard is astory of emotions that pass through in the making. Therefore, we are determined to makethe keyboard even stronger with vitality!

Our value depends on the user experience

“Hey! James, it’s almost dawn, aren’t you going home to get some sleep today?”, “Wait, I have to get this done”, “You know your instant noodles have already been soaked for two and a half hours? …” These are the conversations that you often hear in the MISTEL workroom. Our dedication is to create a more comfortable product usage experience for the customer, whether it is the shape of the product, its texture or the material that is used, all contain our almost paranoiac demands. For us, there is no the best, only perfection. You ask us, don’t you get tired of all this? Yeah … you should say that we are already addicted to this dedication.


Finally, thank you for taking the time to know us more, and we also hope that MISTEL products can be there with you as you create your own particular journey.

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