Another new accessory is wrist rest from Mistel, we know many wrist rest of material is plastic leather but we want to use Acrylic material on Mistel’s wrist rest, this is transparent acrylic and the Mistel logo is made by laser carving on the middle position.Each wrist rest is made by hand so must with great skill and experience. When the hand is on the wrist rest,it is resilient because it’s with special appearance design. You can use this wrist rest on your full size keyboard and it’s with 2 different colors.



This is a special design for this key puller, it’s with ABS double shot technology, the inside orange material is ABS plastic, the part of black is Soft plastic of TPR. It’s also equipped with 301 stainless steel of flexible wire so it’s easy and convenience for operation, you know Mistel isn’t only care about the quality but also we have to focus on “product design”.

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