A BETTER POSTURE WITH A COMPACT KEYBOARD. The new 75% layout now includes the arrow keys and the entire function row keys. The slim design makes this keyboard very portable.

CHERRY MX SWITCHES German-made CHERRY MX keyswitches provide the reliability and accuracy you demand with light tactile feedback.


LEAN AND MEAN New slim, light-weight design. With only 34.5mm tall.

MISTEL OEM PBT DOUBLE SHOT KEYCAPS Each keycap is created using our special two-shot molding process, ensuring more durability, more stability and legends that won’t fade.

RUBBER FEET STAND with a more aggressive tenting alternative It is very comfortable to use.

MD770 機械式鍵盤

鍵盤規格: 產品型號 : MD770 產品名稱 : Barocco 鍵盤佈局: ANSI/ISO 鍵帽數量: 85 顆鍵 鍵帽材質: PBT 二色成型鍵帽 鍵盤軸體: Cherry MX 軸體 背光燈: 無 Marco 功能: 有 Polling Rate: 1000Mhz Matrix: NKRO 多媒體鍵: 有 鍵盤上的記憶功能: 有 鍵盤尺寸: L320 X W140 X H34.5 mm 重量: 810g

配件: Mistel ABS/TPR 塑膠雙色射出拔鍵器 USB Type-C To Type-C 線 x1 pcs USB Type-C To Type-A 線 x1 pcs 橡膠腳墊 x4 額外鍵帽 使用說明書 x1

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